I Love Sup is our brand new project. It’s easy to understand why we have chosen this name for our brand. We profoundly love this sport and we mean to share our love and our passion with as many people as possible. I Love Sup inflatable boards are made using the best materials available and are shaped in the best facilities in the world. Moreover, they have a fashionable Italian design. I Love Sup offers many different inflatable boards. They are suitable for every condition and for every kind of paddler. You can use these boards to sail a river, to surf, to train or just to have fun. They are suitable both for adults and infants.

I Love AllInOne

10’6 x 32′′ x 5′′ – 280 litres

The inflatable board All In One 10’6 offers you the widest range of use on the market. This comfortable and stable board is suitable both for expert and beginner paddlers. It aims at letting everybody enter in contact with the Stand Up Paddle world. Its round nose and square tail make All In One 10’6 particularly suitable when it comes to cruising and light surfing. It can be surfed by riders weighing 55kg – 90kg. It has a light- and-firm structure made up of a extra durable layer PVC.

I Love Relax

11’2 x 33’’ x 6’’ – 310 litres

With your I Love Relax 11’2 you can paddle for a long time without getting tired. This board is the best choice for those paddlers who want to enjoy their trip and want to enter in contact with nature. I Love Relax 11’2 is particularly indicated for amateur paddlers. But for seasoned paddlers, too. Especially for those who want to relax and chill out after a long and hard day. It can be used by riders up 120kg.

I Love Fit

10’0 x 34’’ x 5’’ – 260 litres

I Love Fit 10’0 is a very balanced supboard inflatable in which not a single detail is unnecessary. It can be used in many different situation. It’s a very good way of improving the balance, the strength and the stability of a paddler. I Love Fit 10’0 can also be used to paddle on flat water or to go down a river. Stability is ensured.

I Love rock Kids

8’0 x 28’’ x 4’’ – 160 litres

The I Love Sup Rock Kids line is ready to get every grom on the water. With narrow outlines to hold the paddle closer and straighter to the board for improved tracking. The inflatable Rock Kids model is a user-friendly technology due to easy storage, transportation and softer construction, making it the perfect choice for kids when it comes to fun and safety. It is also the lightest technology so kids can easily carry it alone. Wider tail outline for improved stability and 4′′ thickness for greater control in small waves for riders up to 80 kg.

I Love Touring

12’6 x 30’’ x 6’’ – 300 litres

I Love touring 12’6 inflatable supboard light and easy to carry. It’s solidity increased by a special stringer located in
the middle of the board. It’s suitable for training race and long distances. Its width 30′′ and 300 litres as well its specific rocker line increase the balance and a good  peed of the board.
I Love Touring 12’6 is the best choice for all those paddlers who want to paddle both with a solid and an inflatable
sup .It can be used by riders up 110kg.

Big Love

15′ x 70′′x 8′′ – 1510 litres

Big Love is our big supboard suitable for every single condition. This board was developed to let any paddler have fun. Big Love can be used on flat water, to participate into some events, to group lessons or to enter in contact with the surf-sup world for the first time. Easy to handle, this board is particularly indicated for wave sessions and for direction changes.